X-Jet M5DS Twist Adjustable Downstream Soft Wash Nozzle **Ships Free**



Get rid of countless spray tips and remembering color coded systems! The X-Jet M5DS Twist is an easily adjustable nozzle that gives you multiple angles - get every spray pattern between 0° and 60° with a simple adjustment! It really is just as easy as giving the nozzle a twist to change the spray. It is perfect for use in residential pressure washing applications. Simply attach it to your pressure washer and/or soap injector for easy detergent application and rinsing.

  • Great for residential pressure washing use
  • Achieve up to 60 feet of spray at 3500 PSI
  • Twist to change the spray pattern
  • Compatible with hoses up to 100 ft. long

The M5DS Twist adjustable downstream soft wash nozzle is available in three sizes.

  1. 2-3 GPM (up to approximately 40 feet)
  2. 3-7 GPM (up to approximately 50 feet)
  3. 7-12 GPM (up to approximately 60 feet)

The M5DS Twist can quickly apply detergent and rinse up to four stories high when used with a downstream soap injector. Just remove the soap line from the soap tank when it is time to rinse.