Ultra Fine Finish Airless Spray Gun Switch Tip Works on Graco Rac 5, Titan, SprayTech and many others.

Industry's best finish at low airless spray pressure!
Sprays at up to 50% lower pressure with less overspray to provide consistent blended finish quality with complete atomization 
Soft spray fan pattern makes it easy to apply any material to any surface 
Featuring exclusive internal tip geometry reduces the energy required to atomize your favorite paints, stains, and other materials – delivering a superior finish with less pressure 
Spraying at half pressure doubles tip life 
Reduces prep and cleanup – you put the paint where you want it 
Works with any airless sprayer 

Fits most tip guards, including guards from Graco (RAC X 5), Airlessco, Titan, and Spraytech. These tips will not fit on the Graco RAC X 10 tip guard. 

Features include:

  • Patented seal alignment system for quick and accurate installation
  • Mega-hard tungsten carbide for long duty life
  • Hand-tight guard with large knurls for a sure grip
  • Tip size tag for quick and accurate size identification
  • Tip ring feature allows you to store tips on a belt clip or a hook
These are formulated with our own USA tungsten carbide with a Rockwell Hardness of 93 - a diamond’s hardness is 100. They are guaranteed to have the longest tip life in the industry.