The Easy Clean Gutter Tool Gutter Scoop Tool Cleans 20 feet of Gutter Around Chimneys and Skylights with Ease


Clean up to 20 feet of gutter without moving your ladder.

The Gutter Tool is a contractor grade, heavy-duty tool. It is designed for anyone who cleans gutters, including contractors who use it all day, every day. Whether you are a homeowner, or a professional gutter cleaning company, The Gutter Tool is a great addition to your toolbox.

The Gutter Tool is made in the USA

Designed to easily get debris under those pesky gutter hangars and for difficult or awkward gutter cleaning situations. It will save you time and the inconvenience of moving your ladder every few feet. You can also use it to clean behind structures on the roof such as skylights.

You can easily hang the tool on your ladder, thereby allowing you to climb safely with both hands.