Schmidt Axxiom Style 6.5 Cuft Portable Basic Contractor Sandblaster With Pneumatic Remotes


Usually in 10--14 days


Abrasive blast pot / sandblasting machine, portable, 6.5 cu. Ft. (185 liters), 150 psi (10.3 bar) pressure hold system, pneumatic, incl: APV w/urethane sleeve/auto air valve, 1-1/4" piping w/moisture separator, 55' twinline assy & control handle #2

Most popular contractor size, combining portability with productivity and ease of use.
When using most common medias, this pot will blast for around 1.5 hours before you need to refill. Capacity of 6.5 cu ft, which equates to about 650 pounds of most blasting abrasive medias.
Pressure Rating: 150psi

• Low profile makes loading of abrasive easy
• Extremely low pressure drop for increased productivity
• 90o angled cone bottom improves abrasive flow
• 150 psi (10.3 bar) rated
• No screen or filters to clog = minimal maintenance
• Easy to replace wear components 

Features & benefits of SPH pneumatic

A. 6.5 cu. Ft. Capacity (185 liters)
     1. 150 psi vessel (10.3 bar)
     2. A.S.M.E. Section viii division 1
     3. C.R.N. For all provinces
B. Pressure hold system
     1. Reduces abrasive consumption
     2. Reduces moisture problems
     3. Smoother starts & stops
C. Heavy-duty moisture separator
D. 1-1/4" galvanized piping for corrosion resistance
E. Heavy-duty full port ball valves
F. Extended life schedule 80 heavy-duty nipple
     1. Withstands abrasive wear for longer life
G. Bolt clamps on pusher line make field repairs easier
H. Normally closed valves
     1. Automatic plunger valve (APV) with urethane sleeve for regulating the abrasive flow and providing smooth starts & stops
     2. Auto air valve for fast starts & stops
     3. Heavy duty filtered control valve reduces stopping time when control handle is released
     4. Relieving control handle reduces air consumption and reduces stopping times when control handle is released
I. Blow down muffler reduces unnecessary loud noise


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