Replaces General Pump Hi-Draw Chemical Injector for Downstream & Softwash Pumps

Fixed Chemical injectors were developed for use in a downstream chemical injection system. Downstream refers to 'after the pump and unloader' where the injector operates through the use of the Venturi effect. When the low pressure side of a dual lance is opened, or the correct size downstream tip is installed, the chemical injector's orifice is, then, the point of restriction which immediately creates a vacuum and begins drawing chemical.

The Hi-Draw is capable of a 20% draw rate. These injectors feature 3/8 inch mpt threads, stainless steel ball, orifice and a Viton O-Ring.
  • 190F. maximum temperature
  • 3/8" MPT inlet and discharge
  • 1/4" hose barb chemical port
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