Orange Cling Bleach Stable House / Roof Wash Surfactant Foam Enhancer with Fresh Orange Scent

1 Gallon Size

Orange Cling’s Biodegradable, high foaming formula is built into an all in one high tech “bleach cloaking” process.

Orange Cling has fantastic wetting properties that help create more foam that is longer lasting, thus bringing greater surface time efficiency.

Orange Cling’s unique cloaking ability infuses its ground breaking orange aroma to bring forth a pleasant solution to roof and house washing.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Structure Washing: Use 6-8 oz. of Orange Cling per 5 gallon of 12% Sodium Hypochlorite. Roof Washing: Mix 2qts. Of Orange Cling to 55 gallons of 4 % Sodium Hypochlorite. 1qt per 30 gallon, or 4-6oz. per 5 gallon. For vertical surfaces
always apply cleaning solutions from the bottom up and rinse from the top down. If using a 6% solution or a 12% solution of bleach, use the same mix ratios as stated above. Do not allow the solution to dry on surfaces. Always rinse thoroughly.


Odor: Citrus
pH: 8 - 9

This product is not regulated.

Downloadable SDS Sheet