High Pressure Washer 36" Flat Surface Cleaner 5000 Psi 8 Gpm Wisper Wash Type


Get the Cleaning Power you need...with a whisper touch of cleaning power! The Whisper Wash Maxima 36 Surface Cleaner boasts a 36" diameter aluminum cover to provide maximum surface coverage. The four pivoting wheels allow the operator to easily guide the cleaner while its heavy duty nylon brush ensures that the high pressure spray is confined to the surface cleaning area and not the operator. Built tough, with Whisper's signature Professional Rotary Spray System, this heavy duty flat surface cleaner is perfect for large surface areas. When you want to save time and money, put the Maxima 36 to work for you. And when your work is done, the Maxima 36 leaves the work area with the ease of simply collapsing the handle at the mid-section - making it easy to transport and store.

The Platinum Series of Whisper Pro Surface Cleaners separates itself from the competitors and Standard Series Whisper Pro Surface Cleaners by offering:

  • A One-Piece Unitized Swivel Cartridge
  • A One-Year Full Coverage Warranty
  • 5000 PSI Max Working Pressure
  • 212 F Max Working Temperature

Maxima 36 Surface Cleaner Specifications:

  • 2" Nylon Brush
  • PC Aluminum Housing
  • 2000-5000 PSI Pressure Range
  • Max Temperature: 212 F
  • Max Flow: 4-10 GPM
  • Housing Size: 36"
  • Two (2) 40-Degree Size 2.5 Spray Tips