Green Magic Heavy Duty Non Caustic Industrial Degreaser, Concrete Cleaner and Soil Remover Gallon Size

1 Gallon size

GREEN MAGIC is a 6% butyl, non-caustic cold water degreaser. It is commonly used in house washing, awning cleaning, concrete floor scrubbing and many other applications.

GREEN MAGIC will work exceptionally well as a pre-spray, through a pump-up sprayer, prior to steam cleaning, or hot water washing. 

GREEN MAGIC will remove carbon stain, grease and oil, when sprayed on the surface of a  vehicle, before pressure washing.

GREEN MAGIC is the premier pre-spray that easily remove bugs.

GREEN MAGIC is efficient at removing black streaks off from gutters.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For use in cold water pressure washers, apply to the surface at the rate of 1:50. As a pre-spray, apply to the surface at the rate of 1:20, but can be used stronger or even straight, when soil load demands.

Color: Green
Odor: Characteristic
pH: 12.5-14

USDA approved.

This product is not regulated by DOT. 

Downloadable SDS Sheet