Fully Plumbed General TP2530J34 2500 PSI 3.0 GPM Replacement Triplex Pump

General TP2530J34 Pump Made Ready Fully Plumbed Pump with VRT3 Unloader

Just mount pump, set the pressure and you are ready to go! This Fully Plumbed Pump is a TP2530 Direct Drive pressure washer pump operating at 3 GPM and 2500 PSI. The SLPTP2530-401 Package has the pressure washer pump and comes complete with Unloader / Regulator, Water Inlet Fitting W/Filter, Easy Start Valve, Thermo Valve and Oil. 

Technical Specs Overview:

  • Pump: TP2530J34
  • GPM: 3
  • PSI: 2500
  • Shaft: 3/4
  • RPM: 3400
  • Type: Direct Drive
  • Unloader: VRT3-310EZ