Flat Surface Cleaner Replacement Tips for BE, Whisper Wash, Hammerhead *SHIPS FREE *



This pack of replacement flat surface cleaner tips fits all BE, Whisper Wash, and Hammerhead professional surface cleaners for cleaning flat surfaces. Universal and economical, these tips offer extended longevity and professional results for your surface cleaners.

Universal replacement screw type nozzle for surface cleaners
- Fits any professional style surface cleaner with 1/4” female pipe thread spray bar outlets

- chose 25 or 40 Degree nozzle high pressure screw type spray tip nozzle
- Stainless steel nozzle with hardened insert
- Ideal for cold & hot water applications

- Tip#1: If your surface cleaner is making zebra stripes, and your pressure washer is producing less than 4.0 GPM, push the surface cleaner at a slower pace. This will give your unit more time to clean.

More water flow ⇒ faster the cleaning.

- Tip#2: If your surface cleaner vibrates or the spray bar does not spin, this is due to the clogged or partially clogged nozzle. Remove the nozzles and clean with freshwater. This should stop the vibrating and a water leak of the swivel head.