Tungsten Carbide Long Venturi Sandblast Nozzle Thermo-Plastic Jacket and Fine 1 1/4" Thread

These Tungsten Carbide Long Venturi Nozzles have a standard entry with 1-1/4″ Thermoplastic threads. They feature a reinforced heavy-duty protective thermoplastic jacket featuring the E-Z Grip finish and one piece deeply machined threads. They are extremely light, durable and are built for physically demanding operations. The long venturi nozzle offers a 40% increase in production over a straight bore nozzle. 

  • Works with any 1 1/4" NPS standard nylon, aluminum or brass nozzle holder
  • Manufactured from sintered tungsten carbide for long life and hardness
  • Made in The USA
  • Engineered venturi increases the air/media stream for hard hitting impact and superior cleaning power
  • Super high strength Thermoplastic jacket and threads
  • Economical alternative to other blast nozzles

Choose the correct size for your air compressor output in the drop-down box above.

Part Number Nozzle Number  Orifice Size Required CFM @90 PSI
UDC-3AC #3 3/16"  19
UDC-4AC #4 1/4" 75
UDC-5AC #5 5/16" 125
UDC-6AC #6 3/8" 175
UDC-7AC #7 7/16" 240
UDC-8AC #8 1/2" 300