Bleach-Rid After Wash Rinse Neutralize Bleach Crystals to Prevent Corrosion and Bleach Streaks on Windows

5 Gallon Size

Bleach-Rid is utilized as a secondary roof rinse to neutralize corrosive bleach crystals before reaching drip lines.

Bleach Streak on glass results from poor rinsing of bleach solutions when they contact hot panes. Bleach-Rid removes bleach streak.

A regular spray down with Bleach-Rid at days end will neutralize bleach crystals on equipment, trailers and vehicles, helping to protect from rapid corrosion.

Pumps, sprayers, hoses and fittings can be flushed, thus stopping premature repairs and replacement.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Pre-rinse all surfaces to be treated. Mix 8 - 16 oz. with 5 gallons of water for low pressure spray applications on windows or to spray down equipment. Mix 8 - 16 oz. per 5gallon for X-Jet application. Mix 15 - 24oz per 5 gallon for downstream injectors. Rinse lightly.


Color: Blue
Appearance: Clear Liquid
pH: 9 - 10

Downloadable SDS Sheet