AR RCV3G25D-F7 Pump Made Ready Fully Plumbed Pump 3 GPM @ 2500 PSI W/Unloader

AR RCV3G25D-F7 Pump Made Ready Plumbed Pump 3 GPM @ 2500 PSI

Just mount pump, set the pressure and you are ready to go! This Fully Plumbed Pump is a RCV3G25 Direct Drive pressure washer pump operating at 3 GPM and 2500 PSI. The SLPRCV3G25-920 Package has the pressure washer pump and comes complete with Unloader / Regulator, Water Inlet Fitting W/Filter, Easy Start Valve, Thermo Valve and Oil. 

Technical Specs Overview:

  • Pump: RCV3G25D-F7
  • GPM: 3
  • PSI: 2500
  • Shaft: 3/4″
  • RPM: 3400
  • Type: Direct Drive
  • Unloader: AR20821