Airless Spray Gun Switch Tip Works on Graco Rac 5, Titan, SprayTech and many others.



The T93R Airless Tip is the longest lasting, highest-quality tip and guard available to today's professional painter.

It's loaded with patented and exclusive features that give you consistent, dependable performance day-in and day-out in the most demanding work environments.

Fits most tip guards, including guards from Graco (RAC X 5), Airlessco, Titan, and Spraytech. These tips will not fit on the Graco RAC X 10 tip guard. 

Features include:

  • Patented seal alignment system for quick and accurate installation
  • Mega-hard tungsten carbide for long duty life
  • Hand-tight guard with large knurls for a sure grip
  • Tip size tag for quick and accurate size identification
  • Tip ring feature allows you to store tips on a belt clip or a hook
These are formulated with our own USA tungsten carbide with a Rockwell Hardness of 93 - a diamond’s hardness is 100. They are guaranteed to have the longest tip life in the industry.
Made in the USA!

The first digit refers to fan width and is one-half the size of the working fan width. The second and third digits refer to orifice size in thousandths of an inch; thus, the 13 in 313 refers to an orifice size of .013 inches.