#6 BP200 SiAION 1 1/4" Brass Thread 3/8" Bore Blast Ninja Sandblast Nozzle


Blast Ninja nozzles set the new standard in performance, worker safety, and productivity.

  • BP200 SiAlON high-performance venturi nozzles are designed to replace both silicon carbide and silicon nitride.
  • These nozzles resist breakage better than silicon carbide and are as durable as tungsten carbide.
  • They are lighter in weight to reduce operator fatigue.
  • Expected nozzle life with expendable abrasives is up to 500 hours, similar to a conventional tungsten carbide nozzle.
  • Strip rate equal to, or better than standard venturi nozzles
  • Reduction in hazardous noise exposure by up to 17 dB(A)
  • Greatly reduced incidence of operator hearing damage
  • Reduced OSHA noise citations


How it Works: The Technology Behind the Nozzle

Blast Ninja is a next-generation abrasive blast nozzle that significantly reduces noise exposure at the source. The proprietary technology leverages years of aero-acoustic research conducted on jet engine noise reduction and was created in partnership with the U.S. Air Force and Office of Naval Research.

Blast Ninja reduces nozzle air exit velocity while maintaining particle velocity – therefore reducing noise production at the source while maintaining blasting production. Oceanit performed many years of extensive fluid dynamic modeling, lab analysis, field trials, and rigorous operator testing in various conditions to arrive at the final Blast Ninja™ product.