10 Gallon Universal Jobsite Emergency Response Spill Kit Cleans Oils Chemicals


This universal spill kit can mean the difference between an “incident” and a “disaster.”

This universal spill kit, when deployed correctly, can protect our natural resources and save your company from fines, clean up costs and damage to your reputation. Clean up and absorb any fluids including hazmat, fuel, water and chemicals with our 10 gallon size spill kit. Perfect absorption for small spills. Absorbency up to 4 gallons. 

Small but mighty, this kit is easy to transport and features plenty of absorbents to tackle smaller spills. The open head drum seals with a plastic lever lock for use outdoors or on vehicles. You can keep in your truck bed, or inside your trailer. It is a truly versatile sized kit that packs quite the spill-cleaning punch.


  • (1) 10 Gallon Drum
  • (1) 1 Quart Zip Bag ENSORB
  • (10) Universal Absorbent Pads
  • (2) Medium Universal Socks
  • (1) Disposal bags and ties
  • (1) Pair nitrile gloves
  • (1) Goggles
  • (1) Emergency Response Guide
  • (1) Instruction sheet and SDS