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Painting, Washing & Sandblasting Equipment at S T Sales

We are experts that carry high pressure water washers from 500 psi to 7000 psi, pressure hoses, guns, wands and tips. Hot water or cold, electric, gas or hydraulic driven, we know washers and can even build machines to your specifications! We also carry abrasive blasting pots, 100 lbs to 40 tons stationary or portable, any configuration you desire.

Need to have abrasive blast facilities custom engineered and erected? No problem, we can have any type of abrasive media created specifically for your needs. We also have personal protection devices. We carry brushes, rollers, air spray, airless spray, electro spray, plural component, HVLP, line stripers, mixers, pumps, fittings, hoses, tips, and parts, more parts, and even more parts. It's time to start shopping!


Some of Our Clients Include


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