Mike Moon1/ 9/18

Blasting and coating contractors play the most important role in the maintenance and preservation of critical public and private infrastructure, such as highway overpasses, bridges, water towers, storage tanks, ships, and pipelines.   The steel surfaces of these assets routinely need to be cleaned and coated to prevent corrosion and loss of useful life.

Dry compressed air is an essential utility in both the surface preparation and coating of steel infrastructure.  Compressed air transports abrasive grit that blasts away surface corrosion and old coatings.  It’s also used to spray new coatings onto steel surfaces.  Clean and dry compressed air is essential in both blasting and coating processes.  Contaminants in compressed air, especially water, decrease both contractor productivity and the quality of surface preparation and the adhesion of coatings.

S T Sales is now offering a wide range of deliquescent air dryers, filters, and desiccants that are manufactured and uniquely suited to the needs of commercial coatings contractors like you. 

These Single Tower, Deliquescent, Air Dryers are a skid mounted system which includes an after cooler, a coalescing filter, and a single tower dryer filled with desiccant tablets.  Warm compressed air enters the aftercooler where it is cooled to a 10°F to 15°F (5.6°C to 8.3°C) approach to ambient air temperature, water is condensed out during this cooling process.  The saturated air and liquid water pass through a coalescing filter where any oil contaminants from the compressor are removed and then proceed to the inlet of the dryer tank.  The water and any solid particles present are separated by gravity and fall to the bottom of the dryer tank.  The air moves up through the desiccant tablets which absorb the moisture from the air dropping the relative humidity before it flows through the dryer outlet.  The tablets dissolve gradually as they absorb the moisture.  The dissolved desiccant and water falls to the bottom of the vessel.  The dryer must be drained periodically to remove the accumulated solution.  A manual ball valve is installed for this purpose.

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